Fight Like a Girl Patch


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Show your pride in your spirit and fight like a girl!

I created this morale patch for the women of martial arts to show with pride and strength as they battle both in & out of the gym.

* Patch Material: 100% cotton embroidered with polyester thread
* Iron-on backing
* Comes in 2 sizes:
Small – approx. 2.75 in. x 2.3 in ; perfect size for uniforms
Medium – approx. 3.75 in. x 3.25 in.; good size for jackets & bags

My ready-made inventory has a white background with either black, pink, & purple for the graphic. Email me if you want the graphic in a different color.

An original design by Embroiderrific NW

Made in the USA

I offer FREE SHIPPING. Products usually ship in 1-2 business days. To keep the prices low to you, I use standard air mail. If a tracking number or expedited shipping is important to you, please send me an email and I can quote you the cost.

Sold in our Etsy Store (EmbroiderrificNW).


Turtle Bay

For her graduation gift, my daughter wanted to come back to Oahu. The whole family loved this idea! After all, it has been almost 10 years and our family has grown since.

To commemorate our first visit, we decided to stay again in one of the condos at Kuilima Estates (North Shore). We love this area because it’s away from the hustle and bustle of Waikiki yet close enough to some of the best beaches in Oahu.

We made this hat for Ms. Cindy of The Estates at Turtle Bay, the vacation rental company that we’ve always relied on. It’s amazing seeing this company grow. Their friendly staff are so helpful and easy to talk to. The condos are very clean, beautifully furnished and have all the basic necessities that make you feel like you’re home.

Sharing Your School Pride With Your Soulmate


A friend of ours is getting married this weekend.  Both her and her husband-to-be are University of Washington alumni.  To give them something different but special, I decided to put a twist into an otherwise traditional design. I did a “his/hers” towel set using the UW school colors (purple & gold) as the theme.

Believe it or not, the  hardest part of this is undertaking is finding the right shade of UW-purple towel!

We showed this to several friends and got positive feedback. So, we decided to add this to our EmbroiderrificNW Etsy shop today.  This 2-pc. towel set starts at $24.99.

What are your school colors?

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Hanging Out with Chess Grandmasters

Embroidery and heat press machines in tow, we headed over to Embassy Suites Lynnwood over the Memorial Day Weekend. The Washington Chess Federation (WCF) gave us the rare opportunity to spend a couple of days with hundreds of top-rated chess players all over the state including several Grandmasters who flew in to Seattle for Washington Open 2018.  We ran the booth selling embroidered hats & other items.


 We weren’t sure what to expect since our son has never played in this tournament and there was a product line that we wanted to introduce.  Our mantra has always been “When in doubt, over-prepare!”  and that’s exactly what we did. Since our last roadshow, we found better & more compact tools & fixtures that freed up room for some “just in case” items in the SUV. We brought extra hoops, supplies, laptop and embroidery designs and these came handy as clients asked us to do jobs that we’ve never done before.

Transporting our brand new 210 lb. Knight heat press was one of the major challenges we faced.  It took three people to move this thing!

Heatpress in Action.jpgThe other big challenge was Suyesh’s bag. His mom bought the bag from Chess Pros (booth next door) and asked us to embroider one of the patch designs on it along with his child’s name. The foam lining of the bag was very thick & there was not a lot of room for the free arm to move. I had to tweak the way the design was digitized, used thicker needles, and slowed down the machine. In the end, it looked great though. I ended up monogramming a few more bags until we powered down the machine for the day.

One great thing about it being a 2-day event was that we were able to pivot and tweak our product offerings on Day 2.  During the Day 1 debrief, the team noticed that sales wasn’t so hot. So, on Day 2, I embroidered one of our “Worst Knightmare” patch designs on a hat. After displaying it for 10 minutes, someone bought it. It became so popular that after the event, we decided to make this available via our Etsy Store – EmbroiderrificNW

I’ll have to say that the ultimate highlight of the event was gaining new acquaintances that carried with it prospect of future collaboration with them. A non-profit group approached us about partnering on some volunteer work with middle schoolers during the summer. We shook hands with Enrico Sevillano, a 2008 U.S. Open Champion, who was born from my homeland (Philippines). We met Jeffrey Roland, editor-in-chief of NW Chess Magazine and some of the officers of WCF (Gary Dorfner, David Hendricks, Robert Allen). There were several other great people we met. The whole experience was simply amazing!

I certainly would not be writing about this experience if it weren’t for the Washington Chess Federation (WCF) believing in us.  We don’t know how to say thank you enough to Josh Sinanan, WCF President and Dan Matthews WCF Tournament Director. Aside from being excellent chess players, coaches, and promoters, these guys and the the WCF officers are genuinely great people and so pleasurable to work with.

 To all the officers and members of the Washington Chess Federation, thank you so very much for the opportunity. We look forward to supporting your future events.

WCF Hat_Green Chessboard.jpg

(These WCF Hats are still available in our Etsy Store.)


Sewing Seeds of Love 2018

Every Friday afternoon, I volunteer my time to teach sewing at a grade school in Seattle. For an hour and a half every week, I hang out with young girls (and boys!) who want to learn how to sew. The kids range from 9 to 13 years old.

Why do I do this? First of all, it’s fun! Kids never cease to amaze me with the things they say. Secondly, they no longer teach Home Ec and I know there are kids out there who are eager to learn. Third, I want to continue the legacy that my grandma and some of the other women who taught me to sew & quilt started.

Since families are busy, I decided to break the curriculum into 2 areas. Part 1 was the sewing class. We made a drawstring backpack. Part 2 is the quilting class. We’re making some quilted placemats right now. I gave them jelly rolls to work with since I’m not that comfortable having kids use rotary cutters unless I’m watching them.

Having other moms (Rachel C. this year, and Sandra K. last year) helps tremendously! Thank God for these ladies.

Merrow Magic

Last weekend, we traveled to scenic Snoqualmie, Washington for our latest acquisition.


This Merrow MG-3U Patch Emblem machine will put our patch business on 4th gear.  Its sole purpose is to finish the patch edges. Our Creative Director has been coming up with lots of cool patch design ideas. Now, we’ll be able to make patches more efficiently and with better quality.

While on this adventure, we had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with a lovely couple, David & Claudia of Castle Custom Embroidery. They’ve been in business for seven years and have gone through a lot of growing pains that we’re experiencing right now. Aside from embroidery, they do sublimation & DTG prints.

One of the things I thoroughly enjoy about this journey is meeting other small business owners like us and exchanging stories, tips and lessons learned.  There’s Nancy Cornwell (the Polar Princess herself who has written many books about sewing with fleece), Barbara Backhaus (Quilter Extraordinaire who introduced me to Quilts of Valor), Linda Stemler of Bazinga Stitch, Linda Roff of Roff Creations, George Daher of City Sewing & Vacuum, Jenny Mills and Krystle of Quality Sewing & Vacuum and Laura Girardot (of the Seattle Opera Costume Design team).  I’ll write about them another time. Over the last couple of years, I’ve come to the conclusion that the embroidery/quilting/sewing community is truly full of people who are very generous and passionate about the craft.  Most of them are in it, not for the money… but for the love of the trade.

I can’t wait to get started using the Merrow machine. It uses a thicker & shinier thread called merrow floss.  I can’t seem to find a local Seattle store that sells this kind so I may end up sourcing this online.  Unless I know exactly the brand & code of the thread I’m getting, I’m not a big fan of buying thread over internet. The color may be different from what you see on the screen.  For instance, how on earth am I supposed to know the difference between “mid-navy” & “mission navy”?!?

As soon as I get threads for this bad boy, I’ll be burning the midnight oil creating new patches.  We’ll also start offering embroidered name tags to small businesses – the kind that you sew to a uniform or work shirt.  When you see these pop up on our Etsy Store (EmbroiderrificNW), you’ll know which machine helped produce these!

Chess, Champions and Charm

At the WA State Chess Championship

Two weekends ago, Embroiderrific was fortunate enough to have participated as a hat vendor at the Washington State Elementary Chess Championship. The event was held at the TRAC Center in Pasco, Washington (approx. a 4-hour drive from Seattle).  Here are a couple of articles that Tri-City Herald and wrote about the tournament.

Columbia Point in Richland
It was a beautiful day in Richland!

We will be away from home base so we had to plan every aspect of the event and prepare for contingencies.  Since this was Embroiderrific’s first roadshow, our main goal was to make it go as smooth as possible.  We spent many hours planning, acquiring, and preparing everything we needed.

Throughout the day, the entire crew worked… talking to customers, taking orders, personalizing the hats, and checking frequently to make sure that the machines are running properly.  We were all exhausted at the end of the day but we sold every single hat.


I will blog about our lessons learned another time.

Thank you very much to David Merrill and Stan Kuick, President and Vice-President of the Washington Elementary Chess Champions for giving us this opportunity to do this. We also wanted to do a shout-out to Josh Sinanan, President of the Washington Chess Federation for spreading the word.

#wcf #washingtonstateelementarychesschampionship #wecc

Meet Your Worst Knightmare

Meet Your Worst Knightmare

Patch #2 of our Chess Patches

My son inspired me to create this patch. He LOVES playing chess. During one of his tournaments, I asked him if he gets nervous when the game starts (especially when his opponent has a higher rating than him). He said “No. It’s fun, Mommy!”

It’s truly amazing seeing him and other kids excited about this sport at such a young age.

This patch would look great on a jacket or bag of any chess player.

Available on our Etsy Store.  Our store name is EmbroiderrificNW.  FREE SHIPPING to U.S. customers.


Every Pawn is a Potential Queen


Life is filled with challenges but with the proper strategy every pawn is a potential queen.

My son inspired me to create this patch. He loves playing chess and he’s really good with it. When I go with him to tournaments, I’m amazed when I see him and other young kids passionate about this sport.

This patch looks great on a jacket or bag!

Available in our Etsy Store. Our store name is EmbroiderrificNW.

Hats for the Homeless

Homeless Hats

40 fleece hats complete! 🙂  Thank you to Jim & Patti Broulette for delivering them to the Lake City homeless shelter. Special thanks to Nancy Cornwell, my neighbor and mentor who shared with me her expertise in sewing with fleece.  The hat patterns we used were taken from her book, Adventures with Polar Fleece, a Sewing Expedition.

Adventures with Polar Fleece

The only machine used was a serger. This made the sewing process very easy and the hats sturdier.  Though we used an old Babylock model that didn’t have the jet-air threading feature, this machine was solidly-built and was among the last few models that were made in Japan.

1 Yard of Fleece = 7 Warm Heads

Hats for the Homeless

Did you know that out of a yard of fleece, you can make 7 hats?

This is the 2nd year that our Embroiderrific family is doing an outreach by making hats for the homeless.  We cut and sew the hats, then find a homeless shelter where these can be distributed.  No embroidery needed on this project (although our kids said we could probably put “God Loves You” on the cuff).

We’re taking donations of excess fabric (especially fleece) if you have them.  We’ll transform them into beautiful hats that can warm heads (& hearts!) this winter.

Personalized Keychains

A client approached me to see if we can make personalized luggage tags for her family.  We accidentally bought materials that don’t match her exact requirements.  We decided to have some fun & get creative… did some experiments to see if we can create another product. Voila!  A new product line was born.

These babies can go on your keys (as a key chain) or on your bags (as a bag tag). Your name will be embroidered on both sides of the keychain. Maximum font height is about 1 inch. The text can be up to 6.5 inches long.

These will soon be available on our Etsy Store (EmbroiderrificNW). The cost is $12 each (tax included) plus shipping and handling.  The price goes down to $10 each (plus shipping & handling) if you order three.

Waterproof Jackets

Math and writing weren’t exactly my daughter’s favorite classes in 5th grade. That all changed when she started going to Sylvan Learning Center. More than the high grades she’s been getting in her classes, she gained her confidence back. She now wants to be a military plane engineer. She also loves writing short stories especially after getting inspired by the latest Rick Riordan book.

Through the years, we’ve become friends with one of the Sylvan franchisees. When she found out we’re doing custom embroidery, she ordered these jackets. They’re navy blue waterproof lined jackets that proudly displays the Sylvan logo… Perfect for rainy Seattle.




A Hat for a Chief


This holiday season, if you find yourself getting frustrated shopping for folks who can afford to buy anything, consider an embroidered gift. Embroidery enables you to give a unique gift that caters to what that person likes, needs, or embodies.

Embroiderrific designed this navy blue baseball cap especially for a high-ranking manager in a large corporation. It has the word “CHIEF” proudly embroidered (using gold polyester thread) in bold letters. A laurel wreath, which symbolizes victory, success, fame and prosperity in ancient Greece was added to top it off.

At the end of the day, it’s not about how expensive the present is… It’s about how much thought you put into something just to make the receiver smile.

Shoot us an email if you want something embroidered on a hat…or hoodie…or blanket…or…

St. Matthew School Spirit Wear

This sports bag has a special compartment big enough for a soccer ball.
Hats & Hoodies for kids & grown-ups
The fleece vest comes in royal blue & navy blue.
Tote bag & hooded jacket for the ladies. The men’s jacket version comes without a hood.

These are the St. Matthew School-branded caps, bags, hoodies, vests & jackets that we are doing right now.

Go Thunder!


Sugar & Spice & Everything Knives


We created this patch for all the strong females out there… sweet, inspired, and passionate about everything that they do.

This was also inspired by the quote from General Mattis, “Always carry a knife with you. Just in case there’s cheesecake or you need to stab someone in the throat.”

* Patch Material: 100% cotton embroidered with polyester thread
* Iron-on backing
* Size: approx. 3.75 in. x 3.25 in.

Our ready-made inventory has a white background with purple thread for the font & graphic. Email us if you want the graphic in a different color.

We offer FREE SHIPPING. Products usually ship in 1-2 business days. To keep the prices low to you, we use standard air mail. If a tracking number or expedited shipping is important to you, please send us an email and we can quote you the cost.

Available in our Etsy Store – EmbroiderrificNW.