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Event Embroidery

We are a family-owned decorated apparel business based in Seattle, Washington specializing in custom embroidery, heat-printing and event embroidery.

  • As a LOGOWEAR COMPANY, we digitize your logos, designs, and monograms and put them on apparel, bags, hats, and linen.
  • As an EVENT PRINTER, we bring our equipment to you and we will embroider and heat print your items while everyone else is playing.

Browse through our Portfolio to see some the astonishing custom work we’ve done for a variety of clients.

We go by the name EmbroiderrificNW on Etsy

Watch us tackle some of the more difficult embroidery projects:


Embroiderrific aims to help small businesses, schools, private organizations, and their members in showing pride and loyalty to the groups they belong by personalizing wearable items.  Our #1 goal is to provide superior quality custom embroidered items at an affordable cost.

We strongly believe in continuous improvement. We constantly evaluate our production processes from digitizing of the designs to final quality control and find ways to make things better. We ensure that all raw materials used in production are of good quality and come from reputable local suppliers.


Hi! I’m Jenny,  the Owner/Lead Designer/Maker for Embroiderrific. I discovered my passion for sewing at a very young age. I remember watching my grandma as she makes clothes for me on her Singer treadle machine and hoping that one day, I’d be gifted enough to do what she’s doing.


When I graduated from my MBA from Seattle University, both of my kids were in elementary. Since I’m no longer changing diapers or burning the midnight oil learning Cost Accounting concepts, I decided to refocus and rekindle my interest on needlework. I learned how to sew clothes, home decor, and quilts. With the invention of the modern embroidery machine and digitizing software, I decided to take this one step further and learned both the art and science of the commercial embroidery business.

As I started designing and creating gifts for family and friends, I realized how much I truly enjoy doing these. There’s just something about a handmade gift that makes it unique and more meaningful to the receiver. This is what inspires me in coming up and offering unique creations to my customers. I think it’s awesome that embroidery offers us the ability to personalize anything stitch-able while giving that professional look.

They say if you do what you love to do, you won’t have to work a day. So here I am…
I decided to follow my heart and open Embroiderrific.


Once a quarter,  we volunteer to teach sewing classes to middle schoolers in the Seattle, Washington area. This is our way of giving back and ensuring that creativity continues to grow, evolve, and gets passed to the future generations.

In 2016, we started a “Hats for the Homeless Project“. This is our way of helping out our unfortunate brothers and sisters. We organize volunteers to cut and sew fleece hats and distribute them to homeless shelters in the Seattle area.

Hats for the Homeless