What types of products do you embroider?

We do hats, woven shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, outerwear, bags, linens (towels, pillow cases, beddings), christmas stockings, and pretty much anything stitch-able that our multi-needle machines can go through.

Check out our catalog to see the hundreds of items that we can embroider on. We carry name brands including Nike, Ogio, Eddie Bauer, Sport-tek, New Era, Fruit of the Loom, and many more.

How much does it cost?

Our catalog gives you an idea on what the estimated price is of each item.  We say estimated because the total cost depends on order size, complexity of the design, and stitch count. We offer volume discounts for order sizes of twelve or more (of the same kind/color).

Pick the item you need/want to get embroidered, send us an email, and we’ll give you a quote.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Absolutely.  Generally, 12 pieces or more (of the same kind/color) qualify for a volume discount.

What’s the process like?

Once our quote is accepted, we will request for a down payment.  We will then stitch out a sample and show it to you for proofing. Upon receiving your approval, we will start embroidering the items you ordered.  Total delivery time depends on the order size and our workload but is typically 2-3 weeks upon your approval of the stitch sample.

Can you personalize (via monogram or embroidered name) an article that I already own?

Yes. Contact us so we can discuss what you’d like done. The price depends on the complexity of the project.

Do you make custom patches?

Yes. Check out some of the custom patches we’ve made for clients in our Portfolio Page and on our Etsy Store.  Send us an email if there’s something particular you have in mind.


Where else can I buy your products?

Every now and then, we stock our Etsy store –“EmbroiderrificNW”.