Percy Jackson & the Olympians Cabins

Another project inspired by the Percy Jackson & the Olympian (PJO) series.

Pick a cabin… Cabin 1 (Zeus)? Cabin 3 (Poseidon)? Cabin 6 (Athena)? Or do you belong to one of the other cabins?

Middle- and high-schoolers were all over this one.

* Patch Material: 100% cotton embroidered with polyester thread
* Iron-on backing
* Comes in 1 size: 3 in.  x 3.4 in.

My ready-made inventory has a white background and one of three designs:

Cabin 1 (Zeus) – Lightning bolt is yellow; font is royal blue

Cabin 3 (Poseidon) – Trident design and font are aquamarine

Cabin 6 (Athena) – Owl design and font are red

Email me if you want a different cabin.

Made in the USA

I offer FREE SHIPPING. Products usually ship in 1-2 business days. To keep the prices low to you, I use standard air mail. If a tracking number or expedited shipping is important to you, please send me an email and I can quote you the cost.

Available in our Etsy Store


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