1 Yard of Fleece = 7 Warm Heads

Hats for the Homeless

Did you know that out of a yard of fleece, you can make 7 hats?

This is the 2nd year that our Embroiderrific family is doing an outreach by making hats for the homeless.  We cut and sew the hats, then find a homeless shelter where these can be distributed.  No embroidery needed on this project (although our kids said we could probably put “God Loves You” on the cuff).

We’re taking donations of excess fabric (especially fleece) if you have them.  We’ll transform them into beautiful hats that can warm heads (& hearts!) this winter.

Published by Embroiderrific

Embroiderrific offers custom embroidery services. We do embroidered monograms, logos, labels, and patches on apparel, hats, bags and linens.

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