Warm Arms Not Arm Wars

One of the trends that warms my heart or rather my arms… ARM SOCKS!!!

My very resourceful daughter is the first one in the family who got into this.  Unbeknownst to me, she found some of her old tights that she’s outgrown and cut them so she can wear them as arm socks around the house.  As a mom, I was mortified, felt so guilty, and vowed that I will find her some decent ones that she can wear to school or when watching football or soccer games.

I finally found a good supplier & ordered a whole bunch last week.  These arm socks now available through my Etsy Shop – EmbroiderrificNW for $9.95.  Hopefully, there’ll be some left when craft fair season rolls around next month.

Show your team pride. 🙂


Published by Embroiderrific

Embroiderrific offers custom embroidery services. We do embroidered monograms, logos, labels, and patches on apparel, hats, bags and linens.

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