Carhartt… Not for the Faint of Heart

Every now and then, we get embroidery projects that keep us up at night.  The very first one was a big contract for stitching logos with a small font on a very thin knit material. After numerous hours spent researching the mechanics of it, talking to other field experts, and doing trial & error, I finally got it down.  My client called us back for their next couple projects so I guess we did well!

We recently finished another challenging project. Carhartt is one of, if not the most trusted brand by companies engaged in outdoor work.  Our client, Impact Builds wanted their workers to wear Carhartt jackets embroidered with their company logo. Not only do these jackets provide good insulation with the right amount of bulk, they are tough enough to handle the demands of the job. But I tell yah…. it’s a nightmare for many embroiderers!

“Magnetic hoops are the way to go” is what everybody says. But it needed a lot more than that.  After experimenting with two different kinds of magnetic hoop (Snap Hoop Master & Magna Hoop Quick Snap) , testing out the best hoop size, tweaking the machine settings on design placement, switching to thicker needles, doing a few test stitches, and 8+ hours trying to get it to stitch perfectly, we finally nailed it down.

Here’s a brief video of the embroidering process.

We hope these jackets will help represent the great work that our client does. If you’re looking for a builder who can do new construction, remodeling, repair, or fence work, check out their website.

Will I accept a Carhartt contract again? Now that I’ve figured out the science behind it, absolutely. I just need to be prepared that it will be more time consuming and riskier than most projects. 

Embroidered logo on a Carhartt jacket
Carhartt Jacket Back

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